Bail Support Service (BoSS)

Young People 10 - 17 years

Greater Brisbane, Redlands, and Sunshine Coast

We offer three different services to young people and families that aim to keep young people out of court, out of custody and reduce reoffending:

  • Community Connector
  • Bail Support
  • Intensive Family Partnership

Our services provide access to support and practical assistance to help you.

You can contact us on (07) 3356 1002.

Community Connector

(Greater Brisbane)

If you are new to Youth Justice, waiting on court, or are worried about getting involved with Youth Justice, the Community Connector will connect you to people who can help.

We can communicate with other services you might be involved with, with your consent.

We deliver our Community Connector service in partnership with KYC.


Bail Support

(Greater Brisbane, Redlands, & Sunshine Coast)

If you’re on bail or a Youth Justice order, or are worried that you could be, we can help you do what court has told you to do.

BoSS will work with you towards your goals. Our goal is to help you get things back on track, the way you want. The BoSS team will talk with you about what matters to you and connect you with what you need.

Intensive Family Partnership

(Greater Brisbane)

If you’re on bail or a Youth Justice order, we can provide help to you and your family so they can help you to do what the court has told you to do.

The Intensive Family Partnership program provides family focused support that will help keep you out of trouble.

We will also link you in with one of our partners who will provide you with specialised support to help with your communication and relationships at home.

Bail Support Services can help you with any of your goals:

  • Getting to and from places including court
  • Getting back to school or finding work
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Learning life skills like budgeting and cooking
  • Finding other supports in the community
  • Working with you and your family

To get started, contact us on (07) 3356 1002.

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