Legal Support Service

Young People 10 - 17 years

Greater Brisbane

YAC’s specialist youth lawyers work with young people aged 10 to up to 17 years (or 18 if legal matters occurred while 17). They provide:

  • legal information and advice about the law, legal and court processes, and young people’s legal rights
  • referrals to legal and other services where appropriate
  • representation in court and tribunals for youth justice, domestic violence, child protection and other matters
  • advocating for young people with the police and other authorities they may be in conflict with

Our legal team

As specialists in working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children, YAC’s lawyers: 

  • are very knowledgeable in the law as it applies to children 
  • have the ability to engage with children, particularly those who are vulnerable 
  • have a good understanding about child/youth development and neuroscience and the impact of trauma and other challenges which underlie youth offending 
  • have good working relationships with the social welfare staff at YAC so they can work together as seamlessly as possible for the benefit of the young person. 

YAC’s lawyers attend all the Children’s Courts across the greater Brisbane area and deliver the Duty Lawyer service at Brisbane Children’s Court on alternate Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Young people also seek help with child protection related matters and increasingly other issues such as risk of deportation when they turn 18. 

Why we offer legal support

The inclusion of legal support in a multidisciplinary agency recognises that young people’s legal issues generally result from or contribute to social welfare challenges or barriers.  

Free and confidential legal support has been a core service since YAC’s conception and is a crucial part of enabling young people to have a voice in their legal matters and bring fair representation to legal proceedings. 


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