Youth Court Assistance Program (YCAP)

Young People 10 - 17 years

Greater Brisbane, Caboolture, Ipswich, & Cairns.

About YCAP

YCAP is a court support program that identifies and responds to court related social support needs on Children’s Court days at several court locations. YCAP helps to:

  • ensure young people have legal help and understand the court process
  • identify any social support needs of the young person
  • provide information and referrals in relation to bail support, homelessness and any other issues which may contribute to the young person’s involvement with the justice system.

YCAP operates at the following Courts:

  • Brisbane
  • Caboolture
  • Pine Rivers
  • Redcliffe
  • Richlands
  • Ipswich
  • Cairns

Why we provide Youth Court Assistance

YCAP provides a regular youth worker to attend Childrens Court days and assist young people and their families pre and post court in terms of understanding the court process. While they are waiting, the worker also engages and undertakes a brief intervention and support to identify practical short term and crisis responses where possible on the day and refer to relevant agencies for longer term support.  

Connection with the YCAP worker also results in referral into the longer term programs in YAC, SWAP and CYYBSS, made easier because to the direct connection between them and the YCAP worker. However funded, YCAP is seen as a specific program within YAC and it is supervised and co-ordinated accordingly to ensure that there is consistency of service delivery and peer support as the workers are working autonomously and away from the office. 


Cairns/Yarrabah Bail Support Service (CYYBSS)

Cairns and Yarrabah Bail Support Service (CYYBSS) is a collaborative partnership led by Youth Empowered Towards Independence (YETI) with YAC and Gindaja Treatment and Healing Centre. As well as providing information, referral and support pre and post court, the role also provides support to young people who may be in the Cairns watch house and has provided support to Cleveland Youth Detention Centre in Townsville when required.

CYYBSS enables seamless support to maintain connections with young people in a consistent and coordinated way by supporting young people at court or while in custody at the watch house.

South West Brisbane bail support service (SWAP)

SWAP (South West Advocacy and Pathways) Bail Support Service is a collaborative partnership led by Inspire Youth Service with YAC, Inala Wangarra and In Community. SWAP services the Inala, Richland and Ipswich regions. SWAP provide the YCAP program at Ipswich and Richlands Childrens Courts.

The role includes providing information, supportive referrals and support before, during, and after court. As part of the collaborative response, the role provides advocacy and social welfare support at detention centres, watch houses, during police interviews, courts, and in the community.


Youth Court Assistance can help:

  • understand the court process
  • identify support required
  • provide helpful info

If you need help, contact us on (07) 3356 1002.

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